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Door Is Open. Cold Air Creeps Up My Feet

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Its's All In The Way You Describe It

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I Have A Flu-like Illness

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Sometimes It Snows So Hard

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Oh, And My Sister Needed A Tissue

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Fw: Why isn't this working?

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This Was To Be About My Current Situation But...

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Injured In Sister Fight

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Is Pluto A Planet?

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ALIAS: No Wonder I Was Confused

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Is Pluto A Planet?

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ALIAS: No Wonder I Was Confused

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Buffy Vs. Angel

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Helen Fisher [sp?]

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We Shall Speak Of Them No More!

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Eliminating Suicide As An Option Can Really Suck

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Another One Of Those Episodes

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Oh, yeah. . . I Forgot I Had A Picture Of A Terrorist

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Spun By Moonball receives clear definition

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The Syd Cassett Episode

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Random Commercials

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Harry Dean Stantonn

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The Last House On The Left

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The Getaway

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Bob Does Indigestion Removal

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a destroyed front porch