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ALIAS: No Wonder I Was Confused

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Im fairly certain this is the first episode of ALIAS I
saw, back when I visited Jennie in 2003. The shoot out
between Garner and her biomom, discovering the lady
she considers to be her real mom isnt dead, who is
also her archnemesis wife, by the way Sydneys mom is
in league with the big bad and. . . this is tiresome
to type out, never mind follow. Ive viewed this
episode on TNT several times since they picked up the
series. I always think of it as the first, I should
check out its original air date. I didnt get to the
stuff about biodad and the Face/Off business. Refer To
Subject. Neighbours are blowing shit off, AGAIN. Its
damn near three am. Not a holiday; Oh, wait - that
never stopped them before.

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