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Blue Cell

[cell post]Received 10/21/2006 05:40 from from echo <chosen_echo [at] yahoo [dot] com>

... And He's In The Computer Room (con't)

Sorry about the cut. As I was saying: a jacket for
layering and new jeans. I was and still am exhausted.
With no sleep meds, I was afraid I wouldnt be able to
wake up. At 11pm, I put House on to send me into
dreamland. At 11:11, I wished to wake up at The Angel
Alarm Time (agreed upon earlier w/ Big Sis). Instead, I
was jolted out of it before 3:30. Charles & Jenn
talking in the hall & MERLIN BARKING OUTSIDE?! From
what the two of them were saying, it was clear they
were going to sleep. I Didn't get out of bed at first
because I wanted to return to my previous state and
not interrupt them. Now wait, is that really my
Merlin? DAMN IT! They DID leave him out! I let him in
and, of course, am now awake for the day. Um, guess I dont have to
worry about oversleeping. Sorry about the caps etc.
Using the phone to post. Charles is in the computer
room on THE COUCH. Jennzah can vouch for The Couch.
Incidentally, Mom threatened to get rid of it again.
GTC will be asked to provide another testimonial. You
too, J.

This has been a transmission from the blue cell.