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Blue Cell Volume 6:42 english EasyMoblog 0.5.1 © 2005 echo Blue Cell This purple thing will save me. Been a long time/ good to be back/ My metre is off/ sorry bout that 1212921414 Squeaky Ball! I love my dog. This has been a transmission from the blue cell. echo 1204383968 Its Good To Be Back Hello, hello. I never thought Id be this excited about a crappy Internet connection. This has been a transmission from the blue cell. echo 1186488850 This is a test... And you thought something interesting might be here. HA! This has been a transmission from the blue cell. echo 1184987322 This Is How You Describe Your Existence A quote from QB. It's quite fitting as a title for something, don't you agree? echo 1178774342 At Least My Headache Is Mostly Gone [Sent by Yahoo! Mobile.] echo 1176552033 Door Is Open. Cold Air Creeps Up My Feet Bright. Sunny. Deceptively Sunny. You might even mistake it for brisk in a certain sense. 33 degrees. Wind chill The Same. SISIA. I give; tired, sore and in bad shape for an eleven o'clock "gathering." echo 1176551590 Its's All In The Way You Describe It ... And the level you which you choose to communicate it. Subtle Humor? Sarcastic Stupidity? Alit? Echoing statements after adding my own variables? Dish it out as exposition for the audience, whomever they might be? The previous should be put at /biog/. Sheercover: check at inform site. echo 1175258892 I'm So Bored I can't even read - I'm down a lamp (we need bulbs) and the overhead light is too bright. There is nothing on TV, QB is using the computer for important stuff, and music will hurt my head because I can't keep the volume low. This entry should be filed under complaints. The Strawberry's birthday party is tomorrow, perhaps I should get showering out of the way... But I have this new (and absolutely delicious smelling) PHP & MySQL book. It was highly rated; so far I already know the stuff in it. Mind You, I'm only 2 chapters in. I started on it while ill. And had decent lighting. It would be grand if I could get to the parts I don't know and start practicing. Wish Granted! echo 1174711265 I Have A Flu-like Illness Stomache Blah. Ache More Than Usual Blah. Now Must Try To Eat Something. Blah. echo 1174368568 Sometimes It Snows So Hard I Walk On Concrete, I Walk On Sinks. But I Can't Find A Safe Place To Think. //-+-//x Replaced Lyrics touched out from a different blue room. As El Gato [es muy grande] gazes at this, the drain, and other actux things. This one goes out to TBN across the street. echo 1174098217 Fun Fact? I have no idea what "Oh... a tissue." is about. I remember exactly what the "encoded" post means, at least for now, but haven't a clue as to why I'd give it that name. She might have needed a tissue, but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China? And, given the time I originally published it, coupled with a recollection of her looking for a tissue downstairs, it seems odd for me to be thinking of her quest. Perhaps it did have something to do with what I was writing... Who knew, not I... echo 1173969738