Volume 6:42

the blue cell?

a brief explanation

Hello, friend. I'm echo, the person responsible for these crazy posts.
Due to several illnesses, it is sometimes hard for me to make it out of my bedroom. I affectionately refer to it as 'the blue cell', as the walls are painted blue and it is my prison of choice. It's the place I feel most comfortable in; it's also where I feel most inspired.

If only I had a portable computer...       Wait a minute. I do have a notebook now. Except I'm so worn out and stubborn that I refuse to contact tech support. What does that have to do with anything? Well, at present, Vincent (my laptop) can only connect to the Internet using wires. Even though we have the equipment to make things wireless around here.
We've had the wireless router for months now. Crazy! Computer stuff comes easily to me, so I cannot get past the pride issue and contact Verizon (my ISP), The Geek Squad, or Linksys to figure out what I'm doing wrong. I feel I should be able to make this wireless thing work all by myself, but I'm just so fed up. (I see a call to tech support in my near future :/)

So Vincent is being used like a desktop. He's on top of my actual desk: Henry's (my desktop PC) monitor is behind him, Henry's keyboard is below, whatever, dude. It's totally insane. (As am I.)

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Looking for a way to publish to a site from inside the cell, I ran across EasyMoblog. Though not perfect, it will do. There isn't a lot of room for customization - or if there is, it would probably be too time-consuming. But I have done what I can to make it as "me" as I can.

The photo: © 2004 echo. It's a slightly manipulated picture of one of the cell walls.
Nonsense (otherwise known as posts): Transmitted via e-mail from my cellphone.
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That's all I have to say about this place for now...

This has been a transmission from echo that did not come from the blue cell.